Logo Usage & Style Guide


The following guidelines are designed to assist members of the National Association of Black Accountant’s (“NABA”), vendors and other stakeholders with the proper use of the NABA logo, organizational colors, lettering styles (fonts), stationery, business cards and promotional items. Following these guidelines will provide a foundation for protecting NABA’s overall brand, trademarks, name recognition, and other intellectual property. It is essential that materials distributed by NABA, or those representing NABA, convey a consistent and appropriate use of its trademark and brand.


The official logo of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (shown right) should appear on all official NABA materials, exactly as shown, including adequate white space in and around the logo. The logo must never be combined or crowded with another graphic or overlayed with lettering. The logo is made available for use in black or in white and should not appear in any other color without explicit permission from NABA headquarters.


The official NABA logo is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. NABA has exclusive ownership rights regarding the use of this logo as well as the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. name. This logo is intended for the express use of NABA and shall be used in its entirety with no alterations or visual distortions.


The table below represents the official NABA color pallet and which should be used when producing any marketing or communication pieces that represent NABA Inc., its affiliates or its brand in anyway. This applies to all digital or print communications such as websites, email marketing, newsletters, promotoinal items, event banners, and the like. View NABA's complete color guide by program for extended branding color pallets.

Corporate Use Color Family Sample RGB Hex CMYK HSV%
 NABA, Inc. Core Branding – nabainc.org
 NABA – National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.
Primary  Blue-Gray    40,65,92 #28415C 57,29,0,64 211,56,36
Secondary  Medium Blue-Gray    76,127,180 #4C7FB4 58,29,0, 29 211,58,71
Background  White    255,255,255 #FFFFFF 0, 0, 0,100 0, 0, 100
Logo  Black    0, 0, 0 #000000 0, 0, 0, 0 0, 0, 0
Accent  Medium Gray    130,130,130 #828282 0,0,0,0.49 0,0,51
Accent  Light Gray    231,231,231 #E7E7E7 0,0,0,0,9 0,0,91
Backdrop  Lightest Blue    201,220,226 #C9DCE2 11,3,0,11 194,11,89
Accent  Dark Green    45,150,120 #2D9678 70,0,20,41 163,541,38


These download links are for official and approved usage by NABA entities and affiliates and should be used in accordance with the guidelines outlined on this page. Any other use is strictly prohibited.


JPEG Files

NABA Logo Standard
(black graphic - white background)

NABA Logo Reversed
(white graphic - black background)

PNG Files

NABA Logo Standard
(black graphic - transparent)

NABA Logo Reversed
(white graphic - transparent)

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