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... because you've waited long enough!!!

Get ready for NABA NOW - Your new online member community! There are many new tools and resources that will be available to members and several specifically for the busy Chapter leaders to make your lives a little (or a lot) easier! These new features through NABA NOW won't just save you time, they could save your Chapter money as well!

Check out just a few things that NABA NOW will be able to provide....

Personalized Chapter Website platform hosted by 

The New Microsite module enables each chapter to manage its own web-presence, while retaining a cohesive look with the overall design ideology of the parent organization. The easy-to-use website wizard gives chapters the power of web innovation, while preserving the integrity of organizational logos and branding. Additionally, merging chapter websites onto the same platform with the main NABA site presents the association and chapters an innovative opportunity to generate a significant non-dues revenue stream by offering advertising and banner opportunities within chapter websites. 


  • Built-in website tracking and analytics, including web traffic, page views and unique visitor demographics.
  • Page and partial-page access permissions and security
  • Gradations of admin levels to allow universal management rights or editing privileges for each chapter
  • Dozens of tiered statistics and reports available online and via exported CSV files
  •  API for external display of microsite content and RSS enabled

Discussion Groups

The discussions solution combines the instant, active response features of an email list server with the website content generation capabilities of a forum. Members can share and attach documents in a safe and effective manner, and since it’s integrated with the community’s Resource Library, users can always find archived versions of files. The Discussions module also offers organizations an innovative opportunity to generate a non-dues revenue stream, by including advertising and sponsorship opportunities within the Discussions messages. Check out this quick video for more info...

Event Manager 

This module is a straightforward yet powerful event management and registration tool that allows chapter administrators to plan and manage any type of meeting. From basic web-based seminars to monthly chapter meetings and complex regional conferences, the Event Manager handles the end-to-end collection and processing of registration data. All registrants are forwarded to a PCI-compliant, third party ecommerce vendor for payment collection and processing. Event Manager provides multi-tiered registration options such as early bird, regular and onsite, and it supports rate structures based on governing member types and chapter relationships. Community Managers can easily develop comprehensive session schedules and multi-track event programs with minimal staff and support. 

  •  Multiple displays of events include short lists, detail lists and calendar views.
  •  Events can include sessions and tracks with speakers
  •  Bulk email tool allows event managers to send messages to registrants and groups of registrants at any time
  •  Option to register multiple people at one time
  •  Itinerary page allows registrants to view registration details, cancel registration and change sessions following registration
  •  Automatically print itineraries or download events and sessions to a corporate calendar or mobile device
  • Multiple reports with export to CSV for ease in event management
  •  PayPal integration to manage payment processing

Member Directories

Create the foundation for your network, where members manage their industry profiles, form their own communities and connect with friends, colleagues and mentors. Pre-fill profiles with member information directly from your database or LinkedIn. Discover colleagues with similar backgrounds or interests through automated networks. V-card integration for immediate add-to-contacts in email client (such as Outlook). Check out this quick video for more info...

Resource Library – Build a private knowledge base of best practices, with sample documents, spreadsheets, meeting minutes, pictures, videos, podcasts and more— and enable members to contribute to the Association’s growth. A key advantage of the Resource Library is searchability. Once the files are published they become indexed for search on the website or optionally on public search engines. Since the searchable content is available to a broader audience, it increases traffic to and exposure for the association, attracting new potential members.

Event Calendar – Provide a single source of updated information for all types of industry events with The Event Calendar feature. Members can view, add, edit and find the events that are most relevant to their needs.

Wiki Glossary – Help chapter members speak the same language by allowing them to create and edit a user-generated dictionary of industry terms.

Analytics – Gain a wealth of knowledge and data by analyzing the online activities of your members. Which individual or groups are most engaged, what is the most popular chapter content, and what issues are resonating?

Speakers Bureau - The Speakers Bureau module helps you search for and reach out to industry experts and speakers for any of your association or chapter events, meetings and conferences. This tool showcases vetted and approved experts within your community, with an industry-focused directory to highlight knowledge, skill sets and expertise. Presentation library for each speaker. Library integration with multiple third party networks, including Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Picasa, Instagram, Flickr, Github, Gmail, Evernote, Aflresco, WebDAV.

And there's so much more! Stay tuned for more information. NABA's new membership site will go live in November/December andNABA NOW will follow in the Spring of 2016. There's never been a better time to be a member of NABA like there is right NOW!