Get to know NABA. Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Don't see your question? Please contact our Membership Department.

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What is NABA?
The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA, Inc.), is a nonprofit membership association dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap for black professionals in the accounting, finance and related business professions. See more in our About Us section.

Where is NABA located?
NABA Headquarters is located at 7474 Greenway Center Dr., Suite 1120, Greenbelt, MD 20770. We also have over 40 professional chapters and over 130 student chapters across the country.

What is NABA’s mission?
The mission of NABA, Inc. is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors. Click here to learn more.

How is NABA’s mission carried out?
Visit to see NABA’s Vision 2020 Plan.

When was NABA founded?
NABA was founded in December 1969 by nine African-American accounting professionals. Click here for information on the history of NABA.

Who leads NABA?
NABA is led by a Board of Directors (BOD), comprised of elected professional members, who are committed to our mission. However, the National Office runs the day-to-day operations and work towards the bigger vision. The BOD is supported by the Corporate Advisory Board. Click here to learn more.

Do you have to be an accountant to join NABA?
No. NABA members are comprised of students and professionals from accounting, finance and related business professions.

What is the Women of NABA Network?
The Women of NABA Network (WONN) is a professional and personal development program equip women with the tools needed to reach their ultimate goals, while navigating the challenges of being a professional woman in today’s world. Click here to learn more.

How do I join NABA and what is the cost?
To join NABA, just fill out our application and select the appropriate membership type. The costs associated with each membership type are different. Click here for Student Membership information. Click here for Professional Membership information. For all other membership types and for additional information, visit our Join NABA page.

What are the benefits of NABA membership?
As a NABA member you’ll receive:
  • Extensive networking and mentoring opportunities with peers and other industry leaders
  • Opportunities to learn and practice skills while contributing to the services offered by NABA and gain visibility while participating on volunteer committees
  • Opportunities to develop/refine leadership skills through leadership roles (negotiation, generating consensus, influencing without authority, presentation skills, team building, team management skills and more)
  • Member discount for all NABA events including the Annual Convention
  • Subscription to Spectrum Magazine and the NABA National newsletter
  • Recognition of leadership contributions through volunteer awards

What are the requirements to become a member of NABA?
Any person wishing to be a Member of NABA must be genuinely interested in fostering the purposes of the Association and meet the qualifications of one of NABA’s membership Classifications.

What are the different membership Classifications?
  • Student members: Undergraduate or graduate students (full or part-time) majoring in accounting, finance or a related field, or high-school students interested in pursuing a career in accounting or finance.
  • Professional members: Graduates who hold an accounting or finance related designation (e.g., CPA, CMA, CFA, CIA, CGMA, etc.) or are engaged in a professional accounting or finance related career.

What is a Lifetime Member?
Lifetime members are Professional members in good standing who elect to pay a single “lump-sum” dues payment in lieu of the annual renewal fees. Contact our Membership Department for more information.

How long does it take to process a membership application?
Typically, a membership application is processed immediately when done online. If your application hasn’t been processed within 2 business days, please contact our Membership Department.

When do I receive my membership number/card?
Member numbers can be accessed via your online account immediately following application approval. Membership cards are shipped out in approximately 30 business days after application approval.

How long is the membership?
Membership continues for as long as your yearly renewal fees/dues are paid.
How much are NABA dues?
NABA dues vary based on your membership classification. To see the current dues, click here.

When are NABA dues due?
NABA dues are due each year on the anniversary of the date you initially became a member. For instance, if you became a NABA member on 2/1/2017, your dues would be due by 2/1/18, 2/1/19, etc. The only exception is if you change your membership type during the year or enter the College Pipeline Initiative (CPI).

Are there national and local dues?
No. Professionals and students only pay national dues. There is no additional fee to affiliate with a local chapter.

What does the dues cover?
Your dues cover your continued membership and benefits with NABA for one calendar year.

Are there local chapters of NABA?
NABA has approximately 50 Professional Chapters and 130 Student Chapters across the country. To find a chapter near you, click here.

Does NABA offer payment options?
NABA only offers payment options to Lifetime Members. For more information on Lifetime Membership, contact our Membership Department.

How do I contact my local chapter?
To contact a chapter near you, click here.

How do I join a chapter?
When you apply for membership, you select a chapter of your choice. At renewal time, you can log in to your NABA account and change your chapter affiliation. To change your affiliation at any other time , contact our Membership Department.

When does my membership expire?
Your membership expires annually; one year from the date of inception.

What if I don’t renew my membership before the 45-day grace period is over?
You will be able to login and renew your membership, retain your member ID number and any account history associated with your ID, however, you will be assigned a new anniversary date based on  your renewal date..

When can I start to use my member benefits?
Your NABA benefits are ready for use as soon as you become a member.
Does NABA provide referrals for CPAs and Financial Services?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a referral program, but our Membership Department is available if you need assistance.

Does NABA publish magazines or newsletters?
Yes. NABA publishes several monthly newsletters and other communications each month. Our flagship publication, Spectrum magazine, is a member-only periodical that is delivered bi-annually.

How do I “opt out” and/or “opt-in” to Newsletters and other communications?
You’re automatically opted in to our communications when you become a member of NABA. To “opt out”, you can click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.  

How do I receive/access publications?
As a NABA Member, one of the benefits is receiving our publications. If you aren’t receiving them, please contact the Membership Department.

How do I change my membership type?
You can change your membership type at renewal or by contacting the Membership Department.

Who should I contact for questions about my membership?
You can call the Membership Department at 888-571-2939 or send an email to

How do I update my contact information?
You can log into your NABA account and go to “My Profile” to change your contact information.

I lost my username and password. How do I retrieve it?
When you attempt to log in, you’ll see a hyperlink that says, “Forgot your credentials?”. Click the link and it’ll prompt you to enter your email address. Once submitted, check your email for reset instructions. You have up to 2 days to reset. If you go beyond the 2 days, you’ll have to start the lost credentials process over.

I’m not receiving communications from NABA. What can I do?
Oftentimes, not receiving communications means we don’t have your correct contact information on file. Log into your NABA account and ensure all your contact information is up-to-date. If you find that all your contact information is correct, contact the Membership Department for further assistance.

Do I have to be affiliated with a chapter to be a NABA member?
No. If you choose not to join a chapter, you’ll be considered a Member-At-Large and assigned to one of our four regions based on your mailing address. You may change your affiliation at any time.

How do I transfer chapters?
At renewal time, you can change your chapter when you login to your NABA account to pay your dues. To change your chapter affiliation at any other time, contact our Membership Department.
How do I renew my membership?
Log into your NABA Account and see “Account Details” on the left side of the screen. Click on “Membership Renewal”.

How do I reinstate my NABA membership?
If your lapse is between 46 days and 2 years, you can simply login to your account and reactivate your membership by renewing it. You will be assigned a new anniversary date that coincides with your recent renewal payment. If you do not have your login and password or your membership has lapsed more than 2 years,  you will need to contact the Membership Department to reinstate your membership.

How do I process a Lifetime Membership application?
Lifetime Membership applications cannot be completed online. Please contact our Membership Department for assistance.

What is my Account Number?
Log into your NABA account and see “Member ID” under your profile.

When does my membership expire?
Your membership expires one year from the date of inception.

What is the NABA membership cancellation policy?
You can cancel your membership at any time by not renewing for the following year or by contacting our Membership Department.

Does NABA provide refunds for cancelled membership?
No. For more information contact the Membership Department.

Does NABA offer education and training opportunities?
NABA provides a variety of unique, high impact learning opportunities specifically designed to help our members grow and move up the ranks from the classroom to the boardroom across the accounting and finance professions. We offer many opportunities including our NABA National Convention, Student Regional Conferences, ACAP and much more. Our local chapters across the country also provide training courses to gain required CPE credits. Click here for more details.

How do I receive credit for the CPEs I’ve attended?
CPE attended at the National Convention are pre-approved for credit and will be awarded upon completion of the CPE class evaluation. CPEs attended at the chapter level will be awarded upon approval of the event and submission of post-event documentation. Contact the Membership Department to learn more.

How do I take the CPA Exam?
Click here for all exam information.

How do I apply for scholarships through NABA?
Click here for information on our National Scholarship Program.

How do I register for the annual convention?
You can register for the convention on our NABA Convention page.

Does my chapter host events and where do I find that information?
Most chapters do host their own events. For detailed event and registration information for chapter events, view NABA’s  events calendar. You can also contact your local chapter for event information.

Our chapter wants to host an event. Are attendees able to obtain/receive CPEs?
Yes. Each chapter must go through the CPE approval process prior to the event to offer CPEs. Contact our Membership Department for more information.