NABA Career Accelerator

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Welcome to the NABA Career Accelerator, a virtual individual coaching and group coaching experience for NABA members who want to invest in themselves and avoid a career plateau. The NABA Career Accelerator is for eager and ambitious professionals who desire to develop super skills, grow their network, increase emotional intelligence, and learn how to accelerate their careers. Executive coaching is available for everyone at every career level through individual or group coaching.

Group Coaching: If you enjoy community learning, this is the approach for you! Group coaching offers you, multiple accountability partners, an expanded network, and an opportunity to learn from others. Career advancement can feel isolating, but in group coaching, you realize you are not alone.
Group coaching is for you…
  • If you feel like you’re the only one with this experience 
  • If you like learning in community
  • If you like to share with and learn from others
  • If you want a regular weekly cadence and accountability If you’re looking to expand your professional network  

Individual Coaching: Participating in individual coaching offers a 1:1 customized approach to your career growth. This is perfect for professionals who are working on a big project, in a transition,  new company, promotion, new role, etc. Individual coaching also offers a confidential accountability partner for those who might prefer a more private approach to career strategy. Individual coaching is for you...
  • If you are seeking a customized approach to your career growth
  • If you want a one-on-one confidential accountability partner
  • If you have a project you are working on
  • If you are in a transition, new company, promotion, new role, etc.