Dues Increase FAQ

Q: Why is NABA raising dues?
A: NABA has not raised dues in over five years despite the continued increases in general costs to maintain basic service levels. To grow the value of being a member and provide the tools and resources our members need to be successful, the association must have the necessary resources.

Q: How were the new dues rates decided?
A: The dues rates were established after a thorough review of other, similarly seated associations and professional societies (ALPFA, ASCEND, AICPA, etc.) to help benchmark an appropriate new dues amount. Organizations similar to NABA in revenue and membership charge between $235 and $254.
Q: Is everybody’s dues going up?
A: For the January 1, 2016 increases, only the Professional Members and Faculty Members will be effected. The Student Members already experienced an increase in July 2015 and the Age 65+ (senior) dues are remaining the same.
Q: How much is the increase?
A: The dues amount for Professional Members will increase from $150 to $200 and from $85 to $115 for Faculty/Academia. There is no increase for Senior Members (Age 65+).
Q. How does the rolling membership effect the voting process?
A: Professionals still need to be a paid member by October 31st in order to vote in the national/regional and local elections which
occur in February.
Q: Could the increase have been spread out over several years?
A: Incremental dues increases would have significantly delayed NABA’s ability to strengthen member services, making it even more difficult to provide our chapters and members with the tools necessary to enjoy the benefits of being a member of NABA.
Q: What do I get for my increased dues?
A: Significant technology enhancements, delivered via a new NABA website (coming in January) will greatly increase our members access to tools, content, networking, etc. NABA will also be updating and developing more resource materials for members including live webinars and on-demand learning. Members will also see greater control over communications (push vs. pull) and a real-time member experience with our new online community forum.
Q: Will NABA start raising dues every year?
A: There are no plans for additional dues increases at this time. Dues now, and in the future, are based on value provided to the member, the cost to provide that value and are voted on by the Board of Directors.
Q: How much of NABA’s budget is from member dues?
A: In NABA’s 2016 budget, 8% of overall revenue is derived from membership dues. The majority of the remaining revenue is related to the Annual National Convention and Expo, Education, Grants and Programs.