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The Power of Six—DiversityComm, Inc. (DCI) is the proud publisher of six nationally recognized diversity-focused magazines: Black EOE Journal, Hispanic Network Magazine, Professional Woman’s Magazine, U.S. Veterans Magazine, Diversity in STEAM Magazine, and DIVERSEability Magazine. Each magazine has its own engaging website, distribution, and digital edition. In addition, we publish a bi-monthly award-winning e-newsletter that reaches all of our readers, subscribers and clients. If one of your goals is diversity branding, global diversity, diversity recruiting or supplier diversity, then look no further.

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The Black EOE Journal (BEOEJ)
is the African American career and business epicenter of information! We connect African Americans and people of color with the most up-to-date information and resources through our channels of distribution in print and digital media. As the strongest-growing African-American quarterly publication in the nation, BEOEJ’s mission is to inform, educate and employ while providing equal opportunity within business-to-business connections and corporate America to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

The Hispanic Network Magazine (HNM) Nuestros amigos y amigas! is the quarterly go-to-resource for Latinos, Latinas, Hispanics, Native Americans and other minorities. While assisting you with your multi-cultural hiring and business-to-business (B2B) strategies, we give our readers access to all applicable education, business and career opportunities. HNM is an information source dedicated to bringing promising, talented individuals together with potential employers and customers throughout the Hispanic business network.

Professional Woman’s Magazine (PWM) is dedicated to promoting the advancement of multicultural diverse women, including disabled, Asian, LGBT, women of color and more, in all aspects of business and employment to ensure equal opportunity. Semiannually, PWM provides and informs cutting edge concepts and connects the multi-cultural woman with information ranging from professional concerns to civic affairs, trends, careers and business, home-work balance, the arts, education, finance, health, technology, military spouses and women entrepreneurs.

U.S. Veterans Magazine (USVM) targets transitioning service members, service-disabled veterans, veteran business owners and their spouses and families. With our 25-year history in diversity, we are the link between the qualified students, career and business candidates from the ranks of our nation’s veteran organizations, educational institutions, corporate America, and the federal government. Our mission is to make sure that as many veterans receive this information as possible as a thank you for their service, support, and loyalty, we provide USVM free to all veterans.

Diversity in STEAM Magazine (STEAM) brings STEM programs and educational, business and employment opportunities to all minorities and diverse cultures, starting with K–12. One of the best ways to create corporate and artistic value in the 21st century is to combine science and technology with arts, creativity and entrepreneurship. At STEAM, we believe that implementing diversity and inclusion in all departments is a key factor in creating a successful company. STEM and the arts are critical for our nation’s competitive future and innovation. Go full STEAM ahead with us today!

DIVERSEability Magazine (DAM) is a Diversity & Inclusion magazine targeting diverse individuals with all types of varied, diverse abilities. It’s more than a magazine that brings awareness and provides educational, employment and business opportunities to diverse people with all types of abilities. It’s a magazine that celebrates the advancements and accomplishments of diverse people and their abilities. DiverseAblity is a movement to showcase the positive images of all people with all types of abilities.

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