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Lifting As We Climb – NABA's Stance on the Chauvin Verdict

Matt McClain/ The Washington Post


Guylaine Saint Juste President and CEO & Herschel Frierson, Chairman of the Board of NABA, Inc. offer thoughts and reactions to the Chauvin verdict.

April 21, 2021 - If Freedom rings, Justice is the long echoing beat of a drum.  And on April 20th, 2021, at about 5:30 p.m. EST Black people in America released their breath, sobbed, clutched their heart, as the verdict convicting Mr. Chauvin on all counts in the murder of George Floyd was read in the Minneapolis Courthouse.  

Herschel Frierson, Chair of the NABA, Inc Board together with Vice Chair Sherry Ann Mohan express their relief and support to the Floyd Family.  “We are deeply inspired by the grace demonstrated by the Floyd Family over this most difficult year”, said Frierson.  “From their calls for non-violence last May, to the strength modeled throughout the trial by Philonise Floyd and other members of the family, we witnessed strength, faith, resilience”, added Mohan.  

Guylaine believes that accountability prevailed this time.  “We doubted, shrouded by the repeated abrasions of the consistent lack of accountability.  We thought “he too will walk”… And we celebrate and honor the resilience of faith that kept on the flickering light of hope. Our NABA, Inc. Team and our NABA Nation are jubilant though we know this verdict to be a first step in a million miles journey.”

We believe this verdict is about accountability for Justice.  And as we watched the trial there was the death of Daunte Wright and 750 miles away in Columbus Ohio, less than two hours after the verdict was read, 15 year old Ma'Khia Bryant was shot by a police officer. Details are still emerging, but their stories bear an unfortunate reminder of the continuous Black experience in America. The recent deaths of Daunte Wright and Ma’Khia Bryant remind us that justice and freedom must ring for all.

That we must keep on, we must keep up, “organize and mobilize”, “get in good trouble”, remind ourselves daily that to reach the Himalaya of Equity and Equality we must move forward together, one Voice, synchronized to the rhythm of Justice For All.

 As we continue to “Lift As We Climb”, today we hum, we sigh, our hymn of resilience and hope for the dream of Justice at last, Justice at last, Justice at last Blacks.