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To assist the chapters with managing their web presence and provide access greater chapter management tools, NABA has invested in a digital networking platform (hosted by Higher Logic) that will support centralized website hosting for all of NABA’s professional chapters  (“chapter websites”). This will allow NABA to create standardized websites for all the NABA professional chapters.  NABA staff can make global updates to the content that is common across all the chapter sites while granting administrative privileges to each chapter’s leadership to customize areas that are specific to their chapter's activities and members. This initiative can reduce the cost and administrative burden for all the chapters that currently face challenges to maintain the website themselves with volunteers or pay a third party to host and maintain their current website.

The resources below provide additional information about this initiative, how to get started and what to expect as we move through the implementation process. There are also FAQs at the bottom of the page and an FAQ form to submit additional questions.

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Managing Your New NABA Chapter Website
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December 11, 2018



Chapter Website Questions
Below we have noted some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and provided responses. For other or more specific questions, please submit them using this form: Chapter Website Questions.  Responses may be posted to the FAQ section or sent as a direct response if an email address is provided.

Chapter Website FAQs

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What would the cost be to manage this shared services framework?

There will be no cost to the chapter. This concept was first formulated when we migrated our membership system to Timberlake back in FY16. The "Community" platform we are also launching with the Chapter Website (both hosted by Higher Logic) was developed at the same time and is fully integrated with the membership system (Naylor, formerly Timberlake).
Will chapters have to pay for their new chapter website?

No! NABA is covering the costs for the website hosting services, vendor services to build and maintain the website platform, and the custom chapter-specific URLs. NABA has also included the Event Management, Volunteer Management, and Community modules in the total package for chapters, free of charge.
How can content be updated?

Once the initial site build is complete, the chapter designated webmaster
(Admins) will be given rights to access the administrator portal of their website.
How will the chapters be supported?

Initially, site Admins can contact NABA for support (see contact info above under "Help Desk & Support").There will also be a representative from Higher Logic assigned to our account to assist with technical support (contact info TBD).

How are these websites saving the chapters money?

Chapters will no longer need to pay for website hosting services,
chapter specific URLs, or vendor services to build and maintain their website platform. Chapters that are currently using a fee-based event registration platform like Eventbright or Regpack can save additional money by using the built-in Events module (which is already integrated without membership system for real-time automatic identification of members vs non-members).
How do my chapter members log into access chapter-member only content?

All chapter websites are integrated with NABA's national membership database for a "single sign-on" experience. If they are signed into their profile on NABA's website, they will be logged into their chapter's site automatically (and vice versa). The member's regular NABA username and password is all they will need to gain access.
What is the difference between syndicated content vs chapter controlled content

NABA will create standardized websites for all the professional chapters. NABA staff will be able to make global updates (syndication) to the content that is common to all the websites while granting administrative privileges (chapter control) to each chapter to customize areas that are specific to their chapter (chapter leadership, programs, local events, sponsorship info, etc.). Syndication is the process of creating content on a primary website which is then reflected across all the chapter websites. The syndicated content is controlled by NABA as a part of the core framework.
Can you explain the new chapter URLs?

In addition to NABA's investment in the chapter website platform, we have also purchased a unique URL for the chapter websites to make it easier for partners, potential members, etc. to find NABA's chapters through a consistent naming convention or pattern. The name pattern for the chapter website URLs is as follows: [chapter name]

We currently have a chapter URL. How will the process be handled to transition to the new chapter URL?

If a chapter has a domain already purchased for their current chapter website, all traffic to that domain can be redirected to the new website domain name: [CHAPTER] The chapter's webmaster can setup domain forwarding through their domain hosting site (i.e. GoDaddy,, iPage, etc.) by changing the DNS (domain name system) settings to redirect the web traffic to the new URL. If chapters need assistance with this, NABA's support team can help - we will just need the login and password for your domain hosting service.
How soon will my chapter's website "go live"?

The implementation for the chapter websites began August 2018 with the release of the Chapter Content Upload link in the August 2018 Chapter Leaders Newsletter. The target date for early adopters to go “live” is October 2018. View the Chapter Website Implementation Timeline.