The Blue Ribbon Initiative

Every employer, regardless of size or industry, struggles to find and keep top talent. More and more organizations are recognizing that a key to creating a workplace that can attract and retain today’s talent is having a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Still, many employers do not. According to a Diversity & Inclusion survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 15% of employers reported having staff dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion. This is actually down from the 21% reported in SHRM’s 2005 survey. This may be a disappointing fact, but it is also a rich opportunity for NABA – an opportunity to help the companies we partner with standout against companies competing for top accounting and finance talent. A mission we call the Blue Ribbon Initiative.

The first of several steps in our mission to equip employers with the tools and resources needed to create a compelling culture of inclusion in NABA’s launch of the TOP WORKPLACE for Black Accountants. More than just your average top 20 list or popularity contest, this workplace assessment is designed to evaluate employee feedback, capture program successes and identify trends in diversity and inclusion workplace practices. At the end of that process, companies who rise above their peers will honored with recognition as a TOP WORKPLACE for Black Accountants at our national convention and in a Special Edition issue of Spectrum Magazine.

The bigger vision for the Blue Ribbon Initiative is to parlay the findings of this workplace study into usable tools and resources for employers. The synthesis of data from the different participating companies will show up in the form of whitepapers, toolkits, educational content, turn-key programs and customized materials that can be immediately applied in the workplace. NABA’s organizational mission is to serve the needs of black professionals in the accounting and finance professions and one of the best ways we can serve those professionals is by helping employers create workplaces free from obstacles to succeed. As an extension of our Motto “Lifting As We Climb” these tools and resources, while developed to benefit our members, will ultimately benefit all people by helping to create a sustainable model of workplace inclusion.

To be a part of this exciting new initiative, companies must first be nominated as a TOP WORKPLACE for Black Accountants. If you believe your company is among the top companies that black accountants would want to work for or want your company to participate in the study, email for information about the nomination requirements and timeline.