ACAP Summer Program


...plant the accounting seeds and watch the pipeline grow...

NABA is transitioning its Accounting Career Awareness Programs (ACAP) summer program this year to the digital space. ACAP provides high school students who are interested in attending college, open to considering accounting, finance, or business as a college major or interested in undergoing a sample of the college experience.

Space is limited! Applications are extended until July 13th. If you have any questions, please contact us at

The summer application submission process is closed.

ACAP Dates
ACAP will be held on July 27th – 30th
 from 1 pm – 4 pm ET

ACAP Program Benefits

The ACAP Program provides more information including;
  • College – Help institutions with recruitment, diversification, and community involvement
  • Accounting Profession – Informs students about the vast opportunities available in the accounting profession and encourages students to enter the field.
  • Business Community – Provides a talented and diverse pool for the workforce.

ACAP Student Benefits

ACAP provides information to students including;
  • Attending College Prep classes
  • Mentorship with Professionals
  • Guidance on navigating to and through college

2020 ACAP Summer Application

Submissions are closed.


2020 ACAP Summer Application

Submissions are closed