ACAP National Grant Program


...plant the accounting seeds and watch the pipeline grow...

NABA is expanding its Accounting Career Awareness Programs (ACAP) by providing grants to colleges and universities that start or grow existing ACAP Programs that serve high school students.  We are committed to increasing the number of high school students from underrepresented ethnic groups who complete college and become transformative leaders in the accounting and finance professions. 

To advance this goal, the
ACAP – National Grant for University Based Programs (ACAP National Grant) is now available to colleges and universities with accredited accounting and finance programs. Priority will be given to new ACAP programs as NABA is looking to expand the number of ACAPs across the country.  New ACAP programs will have the opportunity to launch their programs with more resources, as a part of the NABA ACAP brand.

The grant application submission process is closed.

ACAP Grant Webinar

This webinar provided more information about the application process including;
  • details on how to apply for a national grant for a university-based program
  • insight into the goals of the program
  • application eligibility and criteria, as well as the submission process


For more program information,
view the

ACAP Program Toolkit


General Guidelines
Preference will be given to institutions that have:
  1. a strong cultures of inclusion (culture alignment),
  2. high CPA pass rates
  3. co-brand the program as NABA-ACAP
  4. are AACSB or ACBSP accredited

Budget Allocation
  1. Funds can be used to cover:
    • Participant costs, materials, supplies, student travel.
  2. Funds may not be used for:
    • Other personnel costs, salary, proposal development costs, or non-student travel.
  3. Funds may not be used to support non-ACAP programs.
* Note: A maximum of five grants will be awarded each year.

  1. Submission of complete proposal (development guidelines are below). 
  2. Utilization of the prescribed pre and post assessments for student participants.
  3. Submission of a progress report that includes a selection process update and tentative agenda within 45 days of the scheduled event.
  4. Submission of a final report that includes final list of participants, final agenda, final financial statement, and evidence of partnerships within 90 days of workshop completion.
  5. Minimum participation of at least 25 student attendees. 

2020 Grant Proposal and Application

to access the NABA ACAP
Grant Submission portal

2020 Grant Proposal and Application

to access the NABA ACAP Grant Submission portal


ACAP Grant Webinar

ACAP Webinar National Grant for University Based Programs   
"Cultivate the Minds of Future Accounting and Finance Professionals"
December 3, 2018