NABA Convention

2017 NABA National Convention & Expo!




The 46th Annual NABA Convention & Expo was held June 6-10, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans provided the perfect backdrop for a week of high-energy networking, relationship building, learning and recognizing individuals who have contributed to NABA's success and history. More than 2,000 members, partners and guests in the “Crescent City” at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside as we explored the convention theme, “DARE to LEAD”.    

Convention Theme

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The 2017 NABA National Convention & Expo prepared accounting, finance, and consulting professionals on how to succeed in the uncertainty of the emerging professional landscape as bold leaders who can thrive in a constantly changing global economy.   By enhancing an understanding of how accounting and finance intersect with other fields and operations, attendees will learn to navigate a future which rewards those with the courage to be first, to pioneer new approaches, and to boldly rethink standard practices.
Proficiency in one area of expertise may no longer be enough to advance, yet opportunity abounds for problem-solvers and change agents with the ability to connect people, technologies, disciplines, cultures, and ideas from cross-sections of industry and society in new and more effective ways.   The 2017 NABA National Convention & Expo positioned registrants to enhance their professional competencies, refine technical skills, and build personal brands as disruptors of the status quo with the competence, context, and capacity to DARE to LEAD.


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