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As a non-profit organization, NABA values volunteers and everything they bring to the table. Not only is NABA organizationally structured around the work of volunteers, but it also establishes, runs, and maintains a variety of community inspired programs. Volunteers are critical to our motto: Lifting as We Climb.


A Celebration of Black History in Accounting & Finance 
365 Days of the Year

The first African-American woman CPA "Dean of Negro Accountants"
First woman in the United States to charter a bank With his partner, founded the largest minority-owned firm in the U.S.


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How Women Can Climb the Ranks in the Accounting Profession
Accounting  Web, August 2016
  The accounting and finance profession is dealing with several demographic changes. Older male accountants, who have comprised a large portion of the business, are retiring. Younger accountants with different work-life attitudes are entering the field. And there is a big push to attract more women who can be groomed for senior-level positions.   READ MORE    
  FASB Makes New Standard on Credit Losses Official?
Accounting Web, August 2016
  A new standard issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on June 16 is intended to improve how credit losses on financial assets are communicated to investors and other users of financial reports.  READ MORE    
  Recruiting the Best: What CPAs Could Learn from College Coaches 
Journal of Accountancy, August 2016
The recruiting of college athletes may be more competitive than the actual sports they play. The race for talent has caused coaches to recruit much more aggressively. As The New York Times has reported, college coaches are contacting potential recruits at younger ages than they have before. And some athletes are receiving Division I scholarship offers before they even start the eighth grade.   The competition for accounting students, while not as intense, shares some common issues.  READ MORE    
3 Business Leadership Lessons You Can Learn from the Military
Black Enterprise, August 2016
Justin Constantine, a Marine veteran, TED lecturer, and inspirational speaker who works closely with military and corporate communities, has put together some lessons for business executives based on how the military adapts to change. These lessons are taken from his new book.  READ MORE    
Art of Accounting: Avoid the Appearance of Assuming a Responsibility
Accounting Today, August 2016
  Accountants are really nice people who look for ways to help and better serve clients. Sometimes we present the appearance that we are doing something or are assuming a responsibility that we are not, and this should be avoided. Here are some illustrations…   READ MORE     
2016 Top 50 Facts & Figures
Diversity Inc.’s Top 50 fact & figures.   READ MORE 
  Learn how employers are changing the definition of "qualified" and what you can do to redefine yourself in the workplace as a "person of talent." You'll also be introduced to an innovative system for career self-management that will enable you to become the master of this changing environment rather than its victim.  READ MORE 
  3 Trends Happening Now That Will Impact the Future of Accounting
Accounting Web, July 2016
  The accounting profession is on the precipice of change and how it manages that change will proportionately impact its future.  Technology like marketing automation, lead generation, firm improvement and development software, and collaborative learning communities continue to up the ante for accountants. Moreover, those who adopt the Uber model will be the ones who provide the flexibility and real-time information required for successful business.  READ MORE 
  Ride-sharing Apps Overtake Taxis on Expense Reports
Accounting Today, July 2016
  The increasing popularity of ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft has vaulted them ahead of traditional taxi and car rental services on corporate expense reports, according to one expense management software vendor.  READ MORE 
  It’s Time to Measure Board Inclusiveness
Savoy Magazine, August 2016
  How much is “enough” diversity? To be sure, diversity improves board performance. This premise is widely accepted from a range of stakeholders – from board chairmen, to investors, to key influencers and even regulators. Recognizing its potential, most boards aim for a simple (in concept, anyway) diversity strategy: get more. Yet no one is – or should be – satisfied with the progress made on board diversity.  READ MORE 
The Generation Game - Understanding the Challenges and Benefits of Today’s Unique Multigenerational Workforce
Diversity Woman, August 2016

Every day, about 10,000 baby boomers retire. As they depart, and as Millennials continue to arrive and step into leadership roles, companies are undergoing an unprecedented shift.   READ MORE 

Women of Faith in the Workplace
Diversity Woman, August 2016

American workplaces are often not set up to support religiously observant workers, particularly women. Here are some tips on how to create a more inclusive workplace for women of faith.  READ MORE

Savoy’s Power 300: 2016 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors
Savoy Magazine, August 2016

Savoy’s 2016 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors. Within this directory, you will find a prestigious listing of leaders active on the boards of the world’s leading corporations.  READ MORE

8 Secrets of Great Communicators
Huffington Post, August 2016
  Savoy’s 2016 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors. Within this directory, you will find a prestigious listing of leaders active on the boards of the world’s leading corporations.  READ MORE
Three Dads Share What It Was Like Taking Parental Leave For The First Time
Fast Company, August 2016
  Savoy’s 2016 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors. Within this directory, you will find a prestigious listing of leaders active on the boards of the world’s leading corporations.  READ MORE
  Summer Tax Tips for Your Clients and Their Children
Accounting Today, August 2016
  Summer is well underway, and now is a great time to help your clients and their dependents with the tax tips in this slideshow written by Michael Sonnenblick of Thomson Reuters.  READ MORE
These 4 Hobbies Can Actually Improve Job Performance
Fast Company, August 2016

Around the world, fathers are increasingly being offered the same or similar leave as mothers (though in the U.S., it is typically unpaid time). In many cases, tech is leading the way.  READ MORE 


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