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Volunteering for Impact

NABA's members are passionate. We care about our community, we care about the association, and we care about shifting the diversity and inclusion conversation from theory to impact. Volunteer Leaders are essential to the ongoing success of NABA and our mission. Each quarter, the volunteer leaders of our National, Regional and local Chapter boards come together to tackle the challenges of our profession, our workplaces, and our association.

Being a part of a volunteer board can benefit the association, but it can also benefit you. As a NABA member, you belong to a community of professionals that share mutual goals, interests and commitments. NABA chapters are always looking for members who are interested in enhancing their leadership skills and increasing their professional recognition. Becoming involved in volunteer leadership at the National, Regional, or local Chapter level will allow you to make valuable connections with peers, share knowledge and discover new opportunities in your profession. 

Volunteer roles differ at the National Regional and local Chapter levels. If you would lIke to get involved, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

To see highlights from recent National BOD meetings, click the links below. 

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A Message from the Chairman of the Board


"Thank you to all of the chapter leaders across our great Association!   I especially want to thank the chapter leaders that attended the Q2 Board of Directors meeting in Charlotte, NC.  I hope you had a great experience in Charlotte and your investment of time and treasure was well worth it.  On behalf of the National Board of Directors, your service is greatly appreciated!" 

Steven L. Harris, CPA
NABA National Board Chairman



Chapter Leadership Training

  The NABA Chapter Leadership Training was held Friday, December 15th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  This training was led by Coaching Catalyst.  High marks were received for this engaging training on the '10 Drivers for Chapter Success'.  This training focused on strategies to run your chapter successfully.  The training provided 3 hours of FREE CPEs for those that attended.    

Great job Charmaine and Keith (Coaching Catalyst) on your quality of content, delivery, engagement, audience evaluation and understanding. This was a very informative session w/action items I can take back to my board and other areas of my life.”


Professional Chapter Affiliation Agreement (PCAA) Q&A Session
The PCAA Discussion with Chapter Leaders started at 4:15pm on Friday, December 15th, led by PCAA Taskforce members Brian Galloway, Angel Johnson, and Lauren Yost. The roll out of the PCAA was approved by the Board of Directors at the FY17 Q4 Board meeting. The primary goal of the PCAA is to minimize risk across the organization by formalizing the relationship between NABA Inc. and its chapters. A call to action was sent to all professional chapters sign the PCAA by December 31st. Recognition and thanks was given to all the chapters who had already completed and signed the PCAA before the Q2 Board meeting.  We look forward to continued discussions with chapters that have not yet signed the PCAA and look forward to meeting their needs and addressing any questions. The PCAA will serve to foster a continuous relationship of support and improved collaboration with our incredible NABA Chapters.

Committee Meetings
Committees meetings started 8:00am Saturday morning and were led by their respective chairs:

•   Finance Committee - Daniel E. Worrell, National Treasurer
•   Governance Committee - Ryan Galloway, National Secretary
•   Membership Committee - Herschel Frierson, National Director

Chairman's Town Hall

The Town Hall Meeting began at 9:15am on Saturday, December 16th. National Board Chairman Steven Harris led another dynamic town hall with live polling of attendees and discussions and updates on topics that covered the following:

•   Leadership Transition at the National Office
•   Operational Effectiveness Improvements
•   Staffing Update
•   ACAP – National Grant for University Based Programs
•   The CPA Pass Rate (National CPA Boot Camp)
•   Task Force Updates
•   Chapter Resource Enhancements
•   Financial Operations Improvements
•   Leadership Training & Certification

NABA National Board of Director's Meeting
The formal Board of Directors meeting commenced Saturday, December 16th at 10:30am.  The regional presidents presented reports recapping their regions.  Each highlighted the success of their respective Regional Student Conference.  Committees and task forces reported out as well.  The following reports were presented:

•   Officer Reports
•   National Office Update
•   Regional President Reports
•   Committee Reports
•   Task Force Reports

Board Actions
Board Secretary, Ryan Galloway deferred the submission and review of the previous meeting minutes to the next Board of Directors meeting

Motions were made and seconded to approve the reports of the Officers National Office, Regional Presidents, Committees, and Taskforces
All Motions carried

No additional actions were brought forth for the the Board's consideration or action.  The Board of Directors meeting adjourned. 

Regional Meetings / Regional Student Conference Meeting
Regional meetings began Saturday, December 16th at 1:00pm to discuss topics specific to each of their regions. Regional Student Conference Planning Meeting began at the conclusion of the regional meetings to discuss the planning of the 2018 Regional Student Conferences.

In addition to the great work the association comes together to do at Board of Directors meetings, we also take the time to engage in professional networking with peers, sponsors, and leaders.  A key element of the success of NABA and its leadership.

NASCAR Museum / Holiday Dinner

The FY18 Q2 Board of Directors Meeting & Holiday Dinner was held at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  Thank you to the NASCAR Hall of Fame for hosting us in such an incredible facility.

The NABA Charlotte Chapter Rocked Their Holiday Party!

Special thanks to the NABA Charlotte chapter for their hospitality and invitation to their holiday party at the Levine Museum of the New South.  The holiday cheer was flowing at this year-end celebration.  Thank you all for doing an incredible job as a chapter and continuing to uphold the NABA mission!

Swish!  Night Out at the Charlotte Hornets Game

NABA members were in attendance as the Charlotte Hornets played the Portland Trail Blazers. Thanks to our friends at Visit Charlotte for their assistance with a discounted group rate! 


Special Thanks to Corporate Host
Bank of America 
         Special Thanks to City Host
Visit Charlotte
Special thanks to Bank of America for hosting the BOD meeting at their state-of-the-art One Bank America Center in downtown Charlotte.   A special thank you to Christa Williams, National Sales Manager, Visit Charlotte and the Visit Charlotte/CRVA team for their support of NABA and the FY18 Q2 Board of Directors meeting



Training sessions and social activities are exclusive to those who serve in leadership for NABA. The formal National Board of Director's meeting is open to the public and is generally scheduled for the last day of a leadership event. The specific date and time for the quarterly public National Board of Directors meetings will be announced 30 days prior for any NABA member who wishes to attend.


Future National Board of Director meetings that have been confirmed are listed below.

The public Q3 National Board of Directors meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 24th at 8:30am. All NABA members are invited to attend. Recap not yet available. 

The public Q4 National Board of Directors meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 13th at 4:30pm. All NABA members are invited to attend. 
Recap not yet available.