The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) has coordinated the second annual #AuditorProud social media blitz on September 22, 2016 to generate buzz around the profession and help recruit the next generation of auditors. On #AuditorProud Day, we celebrate the audit profession and encourage students and others to learn more about what a career in auditing can offer.  NABA is proud to participate in this event and we encourage NABA members to join in!

Last year, the blitz generated thousands of tweets and other posts from almost 100 different countries!


1. Auditors can join us by sharing stories of why they chose a career in auditing, what they love about the profession, and what makes them proud to be an auditor. Audit firms can post about the value of the audit to the economy and the perks of working in the profession.

2. We also welcome policy organizations, educators, student groups, users of audit reports, and audit firm alumni to join in the discussion on the importance of public company auditing and its value to the economy. Former audit employees can also highlight the benefits of starting a career with an audit background and/or the value of having a CPA license in their current job.


From dawn to dusk on September 22nd, the CAQ, NABA, the American Institute of CPAs, the largest public company accounting firms, dozens of other individuals and organizations, including top ranked accounting and business school leaders, student groups, and those who rely on public company audits, will take to social media (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn) using the hashtag #AuditorProud to celebrate auditors and the benefits of a career in the profession. Auditors and former auditors will share stories around why they chose a career in auditing, why the audit profession is important to our capital markets, and what makes the audit profession an exciting career choice for them. 

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     The goal of this effort is to build awareness of the profession to the younger generations and start sharing positive messages about accounting/auditing while making strides towards dispelling the negative myths. If you’re not familiar with the blitz, please take a look at our highlight video from last year’s blitz at the following link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=33KIYugCULY


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     To help facilitate NABA’s participation, the CAQ has created several resources. Click on the image to access the blitz toolkit that provides an overview of the event and offers suggestions on ways that you and your organization can be engaged in the effort. 



We encourage our members to follow the conversation on Twitter by using #AuditorProud Day and also including @NABAInc and #NABA.  For those of you who have an auditing background, please join the conversation and share messages, pictures, and stories on your social media channels about why you enjoy[ed] the auditing profession. The CAQ has already reached out to the NABA student members to follow the conversation, so ensure that "social media" sees messages from our proud professional NABA members.  We hope you will join your fellow NABA members and the entire accounting community in this effort on September 22nd!