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National Association of Black Accountants
Student Ambassador Program

The NABA, Inc. student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between NABA and their universities and network. 

Ambassador requirements

Ambassadors are committed and enthusiastic about NABA, and involved in their NABA Student chapter.   NABA Ambassadors have the opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership, and communication skills, and collaborate with a network of NABA Ambassadors across the country.

An ideal Student Ambassador is:

  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate/postgraduate study
  • Paid NABA student member
  • Available 4 hours per month to spend on NABA projects/outreach 
  • Familiar with NABA programs
  • Involved with a NABA student chapter and other networking activities

Activities Include

  • Quarterly conference calls
  • Participation in focus groups and surveys
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Access to NABA leadership
  • Invitations to attend special events and activities 

NABA, Inc.
Student Ambassador Calend

  January 29

Inaugural Conference Call
  February  26

Conference Call:   Teams Check-in
  March 19

Teams Check-in
  April 23

Conference Call/Team reports
  May 21

Teams Check-in
  June 11

Conference Call/Team Updates
  July    August 
  September 4

Conference Call/Final Team Reports

  November 6

Kick-off for New Ambassadors