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Membership after Graduation

It is your last year of undergraduate or graduate studies, or it soon will be. You have been involved with your NABA student chapter or you have just enjoyed as a NABA student member. So what’s next after graduation?

Professional Membership Transition through the College Pipeline Initiative (CPI) Program

After graduation, professional membership is the next level of involvement. Transitioning from a student member to a professional member is easy and best of all, it’s free! To qualify for the CPI program you simply must apply for enrollment within one year of having graduated from undergraduate or graduate studies, and be a current paid member within the year you apply for enrollment. Once you have pre-qualified yourself, follow these X simple steps:

Once your CPI application has been approved you will receive notice from the National Office via email. The CPI program also consists of mentorship opportunities. To be paired with a seasoned industry professional, your new professional chapter president will contact you shortly after your enrollment to welcome you.

Once completed, submit the application to the NABA National Office. The following 3 steps are all that is needed to qualify for the CPI program:

  1. Download a CPI application (click here)
  2. Complete the application in its entirety and submit it by mail, email, or fax to the NABA National Office.
Mailing Address:
  •  NABA, Inc.
    CPI Enrollment
    7474 Greenway Center Drive, Suite 1120
    Greenbelt, MD 20770
    Email Address:
    Fax Number:       301-474-3114
You must submit just one of the following along with your CPI enrollment application: a copy of your diploma; or a copy of your final school transcript; or a letter from your school Registrar. Your CPI enrollment application is considered incomplete unless one of these three proofs of graduation is submitted along with the CPI application.
Note: We will accept a clear photo of your diploma if submission is made by email.

Benefits of CPI Membership