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Over the past 40+ years, NABA has seen many members pass through the organization.  Having received professional support, leadership training and development opportunities afforded to them through NABA, many of these members have gone on to start their own firms, and or assume leadership roles in some of our major accounting firms and corporations.  With this advancement, sometimes the NABA membership is lost or forgotten.

Yet, a select few have chosen to remain steadfastly committed to the organization, while pursuing these same endeavors.  These individuals are our lifetime members and we honor their steadfast commitment to the association.

Our lifetime members have made the decision to align themselves in a unique and special way with our organization.  Making the decision to become a lifetime member of NABA means that you are secure in your career choice and eager to be involved with the ongoing development of diversity in the profession.  These special few recognize that supporting NABA’s work is essential to the health and growth of not only their professional endeavors, but they intimately understand that this commitment lays the foundation to create opportunities for young, black CPA’s to come.  Their commitment strengthens the organization and leaves a legacy of which future generations can be proud.

Lifetime Members are a cherished part of our NABA family.  For your added stewardship, you deserve to be richly rewarded. 

To become a Lifetime member click here

Dwayna Adams
Clifton Addison
Enitan Adesanya
Amani Ahmed
William Aiken
Abdool Akhran
Ronnie Alexander
Renee Allain-Stockton
Marvin Allmond
Lloyd Anderson
Anthony Anderson
Lee Anderson
Roger Arrieux
Iris Atkinson-Kirkland
Angela Avant
Larry Bailey
Alfred Ball
Deidra Barksdale
R. Everett Bassie
Ralph Bazilio
Ronald Benjamin
Earl Biggett
Melvin Blake
Allen Boston
William Boswell
Ken Bouyer
Gloria Bracy
Adrian Bracy
Monica Brame
Latarsha Brazle
Odell Brown
James Brown
Tyrone Browne
Linda Bryant
Maxine Buckles
William Byrd
Willie Carrington
Charles Carter
Deborah Carter
Ruby Cato
Millicent Chancellor
Nathan Chapman
Marvin Chiddick
Paula Cholmondeley
Sheila Clark
William Coleman
Brenda Coleman
Ronald Coleman
Malcomb Coley
Gregory Collins
Charlotte Comer
Anita Conner
Kenneth Cooke
Raymond Cooper
Donna Cooper
Deborah Cowan
Charles Daniel
Rosalind Danner
Sandra Davis
Shaun Davis
Tanya Davis
Frederick Davis
Chantel Day
Samantha DeCambre
Shariah Dixon-Turner
Kenneth Drummond
Angela Dunlap
Robert Dunlap
Jonell Dunston
Betty DuVerger
Cordelia Ekwueme
Candice Elliott
Gregory Ellison
Patrick English
Andrante Etheridge
Charmain Eubanks-Thomas
Vernon Evans
Beverly Everson-Jones
Felicia Farrar
Nicole Felix
Cecil Flamer
Erby Foster
Carlyle Fraser
Genevia Fulbright
Douglas Gaines
Vernice Gamble
Fred Gamble
Yosief Ghirmai
Bertram Gibson
Hubert Glover
Robin Gordon
Norman Graves
John Green
Verna Greer
Derric Gregory
Kim Griffin-Hunter
Austin Groom
Linda Guyden
Bennie Hadnott
Brenda Hammond
Ann-Marie Hammond
Thomas Hampton
Donna Hankins
Calvin Harris
David Harrison
David Harrison
She-lia Henry
Yvonne Herron
Jeffery Hill
Daniel Hobson
Pamela Hogans
Bavan Holloway
Marion Holmes
V. Reginald Hopkins
Paul Horace
Harvey Hoskins
Lisa Howze
Willie Mae Hughey
Albert Hunt
Guillermo Hysaw
Angel Ingram
Dee-Ah Iris-Outerbridge
Arlene Isaacs-Lowe
Vincent James
Clarence James
Curtis James
Johnny Jefferson
Edwin Jenkins
Norman Jenkins
J. Frank Johnson
Gwendolyn Johnson
Robert Johnson
Gregory Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Michael Johnson
Mark Keener
Anthony Kendall
Bridget Kinard
Anthony King
LaToya Lacey
Marjorie LaRue
Wayne Lee
James Lewis
W. Delores Lewis
Eddie Lightsey
Leona Locke-Dotson
Clarence Lockett
Betty Maple
Phillip Mark
Lawrence Mathews
Roderick Mayo
Yolanda McBride
Floran McFarland
Milford McGuirt
Tina McIntyre
James McIntyre
Barbara McKinzie
Jimmy McMillian
Richard McNamee
Thomas McRae
Hassan Miah
George Miles
Mark Miller
Kevin Miller
Judson Mitchell
Bert Mitchell
Faye Mitchell Moore
Daniel Moore
Dana Moss
Rosheila Motley
Fred Moultrie
Grace Mullings
Avery Munnings
Angela Murphy
Yves Mutombo
Adam Myers
Edwin Neal
Eddie Nesby
Leslie Netter
Benjamin Newhouse
Adaeze Nwachuku
Joe Okeke
Avril Okeke
Eugene Padgett
Dorothy Page-Proctor
Frank Parker
Michael Parkins
Keeca Parks
Harold Parnell
Greg Parris
Ramona Pearson
L. Matthew Perry
Phillip Pierce
Tillman Pink
Pamela Pinkett
Jenice Prather-Kinsey
Starr Purdue
Okorie Ramsey
Moire Rasmussen
Lanita Ray
Harry Richards
Avis Riley
J. Edward Robinson
Troy Robinson
Frank Ross
Michael Ross
Janine Rouson
Michelle Royster

April Royster
Greta Russell
Deatrice Russell-Tyner
Uso Sayers
Patricia Scipio
Carolyn Scott
Victoria Seay
Antoinette Sekou
Johnny Session
Tadeo Silva
Carl Simpson
Brainard Simpson
Gwendolyn Skillern
Patricia Smalls
Mark Smith
William Smith
Margo Smith
Isaac Smith
Walter Smith
Catherine Smith-Spears
Janice Sparks
Thad Standley
Veda Stanley
Avril Stephens
Cecil Sterrod
Lionel Stevens
Shamella Stewart
Dimitri Stockton
Ebony Stubbs
Lemar Swinney
James Talley
Rolanda Tate
Ronald Taylor
Micheal Taylor
Sheila Taylor-Clark
Ralph Thomas
Francis Thomas
Allen Thomas
Valerie Thomas
Angela Thompson
Curtis Tomlin
Manuel Torres
Emmanuel Tuffuor
Lucy Turnage
Adrian Vieira
Lamont Waddell
Andre Wade
Ronald Walker
Emma Walker
George Wallace
Gregory Washington
Lydia Washington
Chester Watson
Timothy Watson
Donald White
Anne White
Gwendolyn Wiggins-Walcott
Maria Wiley
Roger Williams
James Williams
Tom Williams
Humphrey Williams
L. Anne Williams
George Willie
Carol Wilson
John Wilson
Michael Winston
Daniel Worrell
Ida Yarbrough