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Over the past 40+ years, NABA has seen many members pass through the organization.  Having received professional support, leadership training and development opportunities afforded to them through NABA, many of these members have gone on to start their own firms, and or assume leadership roles in some of our major accounting firms and corporations.  With this advancement, sometimes the NABA membership is lost or forgotten.

Yet, a select few have chosen to remain steadfastly committed to the organization, while pursuing these same endeavors.  These individuals are our lifetime members and we honor their steadfast commitment to the association.

Our lifetime members have made the decision to align themselves in a unique and special way with our organization.  Making the decision to become a lifetime member of NABA means that you are secure in your career choice and eager to be involved with the ongoing development of diversity in the profession.  These special few recognize that supporting NABA’s work is essential to the health and growth of not only their professional endeavors, but they intimately understand that this commitment lays the foundation to create opportunities for young, black CPA’s to come.  Their commitment strengthens the organization and leaves a legacy of which future generations can be proud.

Lifetime Members are a cherished part of our NABA family.  For your added stewardship, you deserve to be richly rewarded. 

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