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NABA, Inc. strives to create long-lasting mutually beneficial partnerships with its corporate partners. Corporations are given the opportunity to sponsor our national, regional, and local career development programs while gaining many value-added benefits.

Corporate Partnerships with NABA is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to an informed and affluent consumer base, attend dynamic technical sessions that develop core competencies, and interview top-tier diverse talent that can enhance organizational performance and global growth.

If you would like more information about Corporate Partnerships with NABA, Inc.
Please contact Resource Development ( or call NABA at 301-474-6222.

Corporate Partnership Benefits

There are many opportunities to be gained from a corporate relationship with NABA, including participation in the following programs:

Annual National Convention

The Annual National Convention affords Companies the opportunity to interact with over two thousand NABA members varying from corporate executives and managers, minority entrepreneurs and business owners, and student scholars entering the profession. Companies will have the opportunity through the various events to:

  • Speak to a captive audience
  • Showcase your company's commitment to diversity
  • Recruit from a high caliber minority labor pool
  • Build brand awareness and good will with an active market segment

Regional Student Conferences

Regional Student Conferences give companies direct access to the thousands of university students about to embark on their careers. Companies will have the opportunity to recruit through a structured recruiting and interview program for internships and entry level positions. These five conferences are based regionally, giving companies the opportunity to direct resources to specific need areas.

For further information about our Regional Student Conferences Click Here.

National Scholarship Program

Companies can donate to provide scholarships to many deserving minority students. NABA's scholarship program has given out over $8 million over the course of its lifetime. Please contact the National Office to inquire about the program and corporate scholarship sponsorships.

Chapter Sponsorship

NABA has approximately 50 professional chapters and 150 student chapters that represent our members around the Country.  Chapters offer a unique opportunity for members to connect with accounting, finance and business professionals in their local areas, sharpen their skills with CPE programs and hone their leadership abilities through involvement in their local chapters.